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Hi there!

My name is Amber. I grew up loving American Girl books and dolls starting in the early 90’s and have followed it ever since. Once I started reading the books from a more discerning adult perspective, I realized there is a lack of reviews of the books directed at the parents. These books often deal with real-life issues, and sometimes it’s good to have a heads-up about those as a parent. Which is why I started AG Parent Guide.

I remember the very moment I received my first American Girl book. It was my 5th birthday, and my Grandparents gave me the first 3 Felicity books (at the time each girl had 6 small books instead of 2 large ones). Somehow in that moment, before I even knew what they were or that it would lead to a lifetime of interest, I knew these books were special. I don’t remember much of anything else from that day, just rubbing my fingers over the covers and knowing just by looking at the pictures that I had just made a new friend in these books. I believe in the magic the American Girl books can bring to a child’s life through reading, history, friendship, values and many other interests represented by the characters.

American Girl books help foster passion for learning, reading and history. AG books and dolls did a lot for me as a child, but perhaps most importantly, they helped build a foundational love of learning, reading and history – things that are vital to my career and every-day life. The books in the “BeForever” historical line are meticulously researched, and provide an excellent jumping-off point for futher learning and independant research in vital periods of American History.

AG characters are good role models, exemplifying girls with integrity, strength, ingenuity and bravery, things that are often lacking in typical female characters. But they are also accesible as a young girl with flaws and weaknesses, just like the girl reading their story.

American Girl books bring families together. Not only do they present amazing opportunities for adults to discuss important historical and current issues with their children, but there are so many ways to bond through the stories. My grandparents were excited to tell me stories about growing up during Molly’s era when I read the books, and I was more than happy to listen. Many the over-night trip to Grandma’s house was planned while we made dinner of the foods she grew up with and watched movies from the 40’s. You don’t even have to have grown up during the era to plan fun evenings exploring the customs from the time period. The books provide an amazing framework for bonding friends and family that will last a lifetime.

I do not have my own children yet, however I have been a foster parent, and I have a deep love for the kids around me, so I often look at the world through the eyes of a parent-at-heart.

I’m passionate about the benefits the idea of the American Girl books can bring to not just a child, but a family, and it is my deepest hope that AG Parent Guide can help inspire your family harness the magic of the brand. 

With Love,

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